Butley London

Are you a fan of “Butley” by Simon Gray? Then you must see his critically acclaimed play, which was unusual for its time. Look through the page to have more information!
Butley Performance

Although Butley has been made into a movie, seeing it on stage has an entirely distinct vibe that you simply must experience.

Full-length Dramatic Comedy

Prepare your chairs and get ready to watch one of the most hilarious, real, and engaging plays you'll ever see. You won't believe how much time has passed while watching it.

Simon Gray's Award-winning

Get to see the challenging life of a University of London English lecturer, whose circumstances will make you doubt your own existence, earning it the Evening Standard Award for Best Play.

About Butley

Star Of Hit US Drama The Wire

The dark humor of the characters is evident in the play’s plot, which is what made the drama so popular it was turned into a movie.

Plays Rapier-Tongued Lecturer

The play is about Butley, the protagonist, who loses his wife, friend, and lover on the same day due to his sarcastic remarks.

Cast & Creative

Learn as much as you can about the actors who will perform the play so they can bring
it to life and help the audience understand what is being said.

Dominic West

Get ready to be amazed by the incredible performance of Dominic West in the play, who is an English actor most popularly known for his role in "Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace, one of the Palace Guards on Naboo."

Penny Downie

An accomplished Australian actress who is well recognized for her part in the acclaimed Netflix series "The Crown" and has years of experience acting on stage to delight her audience.

Paul McGann

An English actor best known for his nine-year stint in the television series "Doctor Who," he is poised to win fans by appearing in the adaptation version of Butley.

Amanda Drew

The most recent of Amanda Drew's performances was in the thriller drama-comedy horror "Wednesday." Amanda Drew is an English actress with a long list of accomplishments in theatre, television, and film.

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Need more information about us? Continue reading some of
the feedback from those who visited us.
"When plays are performed, they are rarely done justice. But I can honestly declare that Simon Gray's dark humor Butley was fairly represented thanks to the cast of such accomplished actors."
Mozelle B. Hughes
"Butley London gave me a chance to watch the play acted by such amazing actors that will always be special to my heart."
Ronald J. Castillo
"Every actor who played a role in Butley was well-versed in what they had to do. This truly enhanced my experience of seeing the play come alive in front of me."
Lorraine B. Kerns

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to see Butley at the Duchess Theatre, London

Get a front-row seat to the play, which is especially produced by the London West End production at the city’s most illustrious theatre and starring some of the era’s greatest actors. Seats are quickly filling up, so don’t miss out!